Mom Fantasies

I sometimes use fantasies to help me get through a day.  Today is one of those days. Today didn’t start off particularly differently or worse than a normal day.  But […]

Baby Containers and Flat Heads Yesterday one of the parenting related pages that I follow, Evolutionary Parenting, posted a link to this article on Facebook with the note “Where’s the mention […]

How I Got My Pouch Sling When I was first pregnant with Kaylin, I got an email with a coupon code for a free baby carrier.  I thought that sounded […]

Why I Wear My Baby There are lots of reasons to wear your baby.  There’s the snuggles, the bonding, the physiological benefits of keeping your baby close to you.  There’s […]

What is the fourth trimester? James is over 3 months old now.  The fourth trimester is over. I know, fourth trimester doesn’t make much sense on the surface of it. […]

Earning My Nose Wiping Merit Badge

Kaylin has a cold. It’s not too serious, really.  She has a really runny nose, a little cough from the postnasal drip, and that’s about it.  She’s not sleeping well, […]

My Favorite Things

The little sighs in his sleep. The half smile that was his first real smile. The way his face lights up when I talk to him. His big open-mouth grin. […]

“You’re So Brave” A little over a month ago I went to a writer’s conference. I learned about the conference near the end of February, and it was the first Saturday […]